Current Outstanding Issues

Here are the most recent issues the internet is facing and that could become hot topics in 2016 again:


What Is Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is a basic idea based on democratic principles:

That all internet traffic is treated in the same way without any prioritization by Internet Service Providers (Short: ISP).

In a world without net neutrality, providers can classify services such as Netflix differently and incur extra charges that would increase the costs for everyone. On top of that ISP’s may introduce prioritized connections. Should corporations ever have access to “fast prioritized lanes” that small businesses have no access to it will become a major obstacle to fair competition and threaten free markets worldwide. It would actively accelerate the global corporate movement that is already threatening thousands of businesses worldwide.

Regulators need to make it possible for small businesses to thrive on the internet. They are the backbone of a democratic society, else all power will fall in the hands of a few.

Global Internet Freedom Under Attack

Increasing surveillance by government agencies around the world and new regulations pose a significant threat to internet freedom.

Internet Freedom Vs Penetration


US President Obama has recognized this threat stating:

“We cannot allow Internet service providers (ISPs) to restrict the best access or to pick winners and losers in the online marketplace for services and ideas.”

At the same time, the US government is forcing private companies to hand over data to circumvent encryption.

Internet Governance: Critical Decisions Due in 2015

8 – Panel and Discussion: The Future of the Web and How it is Run from W3C on Vimeo.

More Information

Interplanetary Internet

Interplanetary Internet


You can sign the “American Commitment’s petition to Tom Wheeler” (chairman of the FCC) on the following site:


FCC receives 3 million net neutrality comments (still open)

The FCC asked for comments on net neutrality from consumers and has recorded over 3 million responses so far:

If you are a US citizen you can submit a filing at

The proceeding number is 14-28.

Filed comments can be read here:









German references:

What Can I Do?

Head over to www.savetheinternet.comDemand Real Net Neutrality

You’re in the EU? Head over to and contact a member of the European Parliament (short MEP):

Save The Internet

Save The Internet .Eu

Initiative für Netzfreiheit (AT)

European Digital Rights (Brussels)

Digitale Gesellschaft (DE)

Access Now (Brussels)

La Quadrature du Net (FR)

Bits of Freedom (NL)

GoVeto (DE)

Reporters Without Borders